Let's make your farm smart(er)

Whether a large agricultural operation or a small hobby farm, you can use technology to improve your efforts and enjoyment. Use the Internet, surveillance, data, automation, and even robots, to increase your efficiency, responsiveness, and capabilities.

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We bring independent expertise and support to your farm!

Agricultural technology is dominated by large manufacturers who care more about their bottom line than your specific needs. We believe technology should serve and benefit the farmer and not the company providing it. We use open source technology to enable diverse solutions that can adapt to your needs and ambitions. Our goal is to help you make the most of available technology and automation over the long term. We're building a network of farmers who can learn from each other as the technology evolves.

Client testimonials:

"After a bear tried to break into my barn, I found my anxiety about what was going on in the chicken coop at night really peaked. Being able to flip open my laptop and instantly see inside the coop, without even having to leave the house, was a huge relief."

Chicken coop daytimeChicken coop at night

"After introducing a new horse into the herd, I wanted to be able to see how he was getting along with the others. But any time I'm within sight, they act differently. Having the cameras installed allows me to observe their behaviour remotely, and I ended up learning even more than I expected. I also like that it records footage that I can compare over time, to monitor how an issue is progressing."

Horses in the pasture

Services and Solutions

Internet Everywhere

Extend Internet connectivity anywhere you need it, ensuring that your equipment and devices are always online. This can also include helping you upgrade your upstream connection, if like most farms, it does not meet your current needs.

Farm Surveillance

Monitor what matters most to you. Cameras to keep track of livestock, buildings, fields, or equipment. Whether for security, efficiency, responsiveness, or to fuel your YouTube channel!?

Data and Automation

The value of agricultural data is increasing, and data is a cash crop you could be harvesting. Similarly robots and automation offer a growing range of solutions for farms of all sizes.

E-commerce, Web, and Media

Need a website or online store? Want to do more business via the Internet? Or maybe you want to be an influencer in the agricultural industry? We've got you covered and can help upgrade your digital operations.

Every farm is unique, and your technology should reflect and serve your needs

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Relationships are built on trust, and our desire is to earn your trust by listening to your needs and working with you to build custom solutions. We provide a free consultation over the phone, or a site visit for a reasonable flat rate.

We also work with rural residents and communities to improve their Internet access. If you're not a farmer, but want Internet coverage extended across your property, or any of the other solutions we provide, we can help.

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